My Surface Shield® can nozzle is clogged, can you help?

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B'laster Surface Shield is a thick, high-viscosity product and as such, should be shaken in the can before being used to ensure proper spray application to the surface.  The can contains a ‘mixing ball’ to help with this prep, you should here the ball raddle within the can to know you’re mixing properly.  Shake for 1-2 minutes before first use, and intermittently shake before each use during your project.

If the can was not shaken prior to use or the mixing ball was not engaged during shaking, there is potential for a clog in the nozzle / valve / aerosol mechanism itself. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below to attempt to resolve the clog:


  1. Clean the nozzle opening with warm water – while on the can, dampen a rag with clean warm water. Wipe the opening to remove any build-up of product.  Try spraying the can.
  2. Wipe the nozzle opening with paint thinner – if warm water didn’t work, try the same technique using paint thinner (mineral spirits, acetone).
  3. Propellant flush – after ensuring the nozzle is clear and with it reattached, turn the can upside down and press down on the nozzle until a clear mist comes out. Spray away from body/project and perhaps into bucket or garbage can as this will typically clear out the clogged product in the stem.

If none of this has worked, please contact us and we'll gladly replace your can.

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