1. APPLY: Use gloves. Apply a 1/8” thick layer of Metal Rescue GEL (via brush, roller or wipe on) to rusted area on metal’s surface. (1/8” is approximately the same thickness as two pennies stacked on top of each other.) GEL will darken in color as rust is removed.
  2. WRAP: Do not allow GEL to dry – GEL must remain moist to remove rust. To keep GEL moist, use Metal Rescue’s signature plastic wrap method:
    • Tear one sheet of household plastic wrap from roll. Sheet should be slightly larger than GEL application area.
    • Lay sheet of wrap over surface of GEL, making sure that entire application area is covered.
    • Ensure edges of wrap are secure to protect GEL from exposure to airflow that could cause drying.
    Process time is dependent on severity of rust. If results are not as desired, remove GEL completely and repeat steps 1 and 2. 
  3. REMOVE/PROTECT: Once desired results are achieved, rinse or wipe off GEL completely. Result is clean, bare metal ready for use or additional processing.